Stones, Containers, Movement / Deganit Stern – Schocken / 1993

 The place and status of jewelry in our lives and its relations to other art forms is a central concern in my work.

In the last few years I have focused on two main subject areas: stones and containers.

At first I constructed “stones” by sculpting them. once the stone is “constructed”, questions are raised having to do with concepts of permanence and value. As the “stone” is experienced as a fabrication the relationships between value and waste, center and margin, are interrogated.

If I “make” stone, at the same time I “unmake” relations between elements which have always appeared to co-exist in a fixed, eternal hierarchy. I use materials that suggest the meeting of the permanent with the temporary. In a move from “real” stones to stones “made” of woven material, or of water, the water or fabric takes on the value of the gem-stone. As I construct the stone I am also required to place it, to provide a setting. Setting itself becomes a focus. The less the stone is defined, as in the “water-stones”, the more the setting focuses attention and consequently becomes more “unsettling”.

Movement is a prerequisite in my work. In the past I treated movement as the central content and subject matter of my jewelry. Recently I have experimented with movement as the dynamic place in which relations cohere. The blurring of the boundary and the mutual infiltration between setting and stone unsettles traditional assumptions about the relations between the materials and the art forms with which they are associated.