Replacements / Galerie Ra, Amsterdam, Holland / 1996


One thing instead of another
Is the same and different
A ridge, a furrow
A line, a container
Ready made, a piece of art
Art a piece of nature.


This exhibition experiments with taking and placing. What happens? What happens to a piece of art when it is put in nature? What happens when nature is transformed into a piece of art? What happens when the process is repeated again and again, interminably?

Replacement is an attempt to join different places; to create a territory: to integrate and interrogate a territory.

Replacement is a form of focus. Take a stone. Stay with it. Watch it become a site, a place, a part of a view, a territory expanding, breathing, changing, moving.
The stone becomes a container, a pool, a vessel. Focus is movement, the dynamic is the rest of replacement.

Replacement which is movement, the act of replacing, is a response to pressure. The attempt to accommodate a limitation, to find a new place whose principle is transformation.

Replacement is a temporary definition of art as an attempt to transcend the limitations of the human, that is to say the limitations of the body.
Jewelry is art that is close to the body, is part of the body. Jewelry expresses the desire to break through and connect the body to that which
is not body. This is the connection between nature - the body, and that
which is not nature - culture.

As the connection is made there is a mutual contamination, pollination, fertilization, and the two categories, nature/art, are no longer distinct, but are joined precisely in the project to constitute them as separate, as fragments of an imaginary whole.

Replacement is an attempt to organize fragments in such a way as to emphasize the process which will keep the fragmentary as the principle of organization. The pressure is to transform the fragment, the partial, the necessarily incomplete, into a whole that will give expression to its fragmentary nature.

Replacement is reproduction, Xerox, molds, layers held together, stitched by thread whose fragility returns us to the sense of the ready- made duplication of our construction. Replacements is a sign; camouflaged stone in the way.